Coronavirus Safety Plan

In an effort to contain the CoronaVirus or the COVID-19 virus, The Latino Restaurant Bar & Lounge Association joined other local business owners in preparing a “Restaurant Safety Advisory” for commercial establishments within the State of New York and elsewhere.

The bi-lingual Advisory sets up some guidelines to avoid the spread of the CoronaVirus in local neighborhood businesses that serve the public.

Jeffrey Garcia, the Chairman of the NYS Latino Restaurant Ass’n took the lead along with Arelia Taveras(, Sonia Henriquez (Floridita Restaurants) Isidro Medina(Manhattan Business Improvement District), WAHI Chamber of Commerce, Jason Compton(Compton EyeCare) and local agencies such as the Inwood Merchants Association, to set up a directive with guidelines for cleaning, sanitizing and adopting safety measures to control the spread of the CoronaVirus in Washington Heights, Uptown and Inwood áreas.

“If this virus spreads in Washington Heights, we are in big trouble. Inwood and Washington Heights have huge concentrations of residents and businesses, it would be a disaster!” Mr. Garcia started yesterday as he called for a “self-containment strategy” for our local community.

“We have created a safety advisory, so that commercial establishments have a simple guideline to contain the virus, at least in their establishments. We can only control what we can control. If we adopt safety measures, we can help stop the spread of the virus.” Arelia Taveras, restaurant consultant to a host of restaurants throughout the state.

Restaurant owners throughout New York State launched the first of a series of safety advisories to keep residents safe. “We appreciate the local business and want to keep everyone safe,” according to Jason Compton, of Compton Eyecare, where he disinfects door handles as well as eyeglasses people try on in his Optometry office.

We have attached the Advisory for dissemination throughout all restaurants, bars, lounges, coffee shops and commercial establishments in New York City and outer boroughs.

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