Restaurant Owners Stop Rental Payments

In an effort to ease the economic pressures as a result of the CoronaVirus or the COVID-19 virus, The Latino Restaurant Bar & Lounge Association joined other local business owners in preparing a “Landlord Notice for the Non-payment of Rents” for the next 60 days until they can re-open their commercial establishments within the State of New York and elsewhere. Mandatory closings are devasting the Hospitality industry and owners cannot pay rent if they are closed.

“Landlords are in a better position to absorb the impact of losses in rent, the restaurant and bar industry cannot. We cannot pay rents if we are closed or not producing income at this time,” according to Jeffrey Garcia, the Chairman of the NYS Latino Restaurant Association.

“We have created a template for owners to formally notify their landlords that due to the current CoronaVirus situation and closures, they cannot pay rent for the next 60 days. It is a reasonable time to assess and acclimate owners to this new “reality.” according to Arelia Taveras, ( restaurant consultant and Executive Director of the restaurant association.

On our website, owners can find a copy of the letter they can send to their landlord via Certified Mail to notify them that they cannot pay rent until they can reopen per governor’s mandates.

The notice to the landlord should state the following:

“As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and mandatory restaurant/bar/lounge closings, we cannot pay our rent at this time.

This will serve as formal notice that until my restaurant/bar/lounge is open per New York State law, I will not be paying rent because I cannot work, or, produce the income necessary to pay my rent at this time.

I want to continue to be a “good tenant” and work with your office to find solutions to this devasting economic setback for our establishment.”

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